Making the World a Better Place with Information Systems

The discipline of Information Systems arose within the field of Business and Management and the majority of the research in Information Systems today fits well within that field. As research and knowledge in information systems and other disciplines have progressed, businesses have achieved unprecedented levels of productivity and profit. Many of the benefits of these developments have also flowed to the public in terms of employment, new products, lower prices, and taxes paid to the government. Similarly, the production of food is at an all-time high and its distribution continues to improve.

Information systems can be developed, deployed, and used in myriad ways to transform and impact positively on the world for everyone, not just for businesses, for their owners, or for regions of relative wealth. The theme of this conference is to explore new ways to use information systems and information technology to improve social conditions and all of the areas that doing so entails, including reducing poverty, hunger, war, and oppression and improving the quality of working life, health, education, equality, freedom, and emancipation.

Track Chairs

John Venable
Curtin University
[email protected]

Jenine Beekhuyzen
Griffith University
[email protected]

Armin Stein
University of Muenster
a[email protected]

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