Agile IS Development and Project Management

Information systems development (ISD) underpins the information systems discipline although traditional IS research often treats ISD as a black box. Papers in this track open the black box by focusing on current and emerging approaches to ISD and IT project management such as agile and adaptive development. We seek papers addressing the philosophical underpinnings of ISD and IT project management, conceptual and empirical research developing or testing theory, and research clarifying emergent practice and the challenges and opportunities in this research domain.
ISD and the management of IT projects is a broad concern encompassing great diversity in approaches to analysing, designing, developing, and managing projects. Projects are a complex mix of people, processes, organisational cultures and structures, and advanced and emerging technologies. A diversity of approaches is needed to handle the new types of systems under development such as data analytics, mobile apps, and the Internet of Things. Novel development approaches are necessary to cope with ever more rapidly changing requirements, large-scale development, mission-critical contexts, distributed and virtual development, systems of massive complexity, and systems that must remain flexible throughout their lifecycle. In addition, the choice of development approach can influence the structure or culture of organisations. For example, the agile and lean philosophies have led to novel forms of organising such as DevOps and Squads. Research in any of these areas has the potential to make significant contributions to research and improve the practice of ISD and IT project management.

Topics of Interest

This track seeks quality research papers using rigorous research methods that investigate current and emerging aspects of ISD, agile and adaptive systems development and IT project management. Possible topics of interest include but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Theoretical and philosophical aspects of emergent IS development approaches
  • Agile and adaptive IT project management versus traditional IT project management
  • Agile software development – coordination, control, and limitations
  • Agile software development – teams, teamwork, and performance
  • Alternative approaches to ISD
  • Distributed ISD – mechanisms, strategies, challenges, and opportunities
  • DevOps and continuous development practices (e.g. continuous delivery and continuous deployment)
  • Emergent issues in managing ISD
  • Industry-specific ISD
  • Innovative management of IT projects
  • ISD and digital services, big data, and analytics
  • ISD for sustainable development
  • IT project portfolio management in emergent IS contexts
  • Research methods, tools, and techniques for studying ISD
  • Role of ISD in organisational transformation
  • Scaling Agile approaches on the organisation level (e.g. squads) beyond ISD teams or IT projects
  • Stakeholders and stakeholder management in ISD
  • Success and failure in ISD and/or IT Project Management

Track Chairs

Andreas Dreschler
Victoria University of Wellington
[email protected]

Yi-Te Chiu
Victoria University of Wellington
[email protected]

Yu-Qian Zhu
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
[email protected]

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